Shoot the Moon

There’s not much to say in the face of the last few days. I think we are all feeling shell shocked, frightened, disappointed and mentally exhausted from having a small handful of people in Washington make decisions that effect everyone. With no regard for democracy, majority, decency or equality. The rampaging, raging right continue to steamroll over morality, hellbent on power and control. Same as it ever was; but as you get older you are more aware of how unstoppable and insidious it all is.

In my own little tiny corner of the universe I can’t really complain. Aside from the supreme unrest and upheaval we are all experiencing due to current events; things are good in my sphere. Gearing up for second job to begin next week while still keeping the fun one and hanging out with large furry creatures on a daily basis. I couldn’t ask for better friends. My fitness/health is a priority and there are people who have proven themselves worthy of at least partially melting my cold black heart.

Try to keep your chin up and stay strong. We will need all the love and faith we can bring to the table in order to get through what certainly appears to be the slow slide into dystopian hell. Let’s try to take care of each other.

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