No Fear

Today of all days, it’s easy to be terrified. As a woman, as a human, as anyone who is compassionate, intelligent and aware. But I’d like to focus more on hope. Because without it we have nothing. There are thousands of artists, poets, musicians, and writers who’ve inspired me during my myriad trips around the sun; navigating this calm and chaotic cacophony we call life. I’m going to share one here. This is Darby Hudson ( I think he captures a rare blend of darkness and humor we can all relate to.

I’d also like to share a truly amazing artist, Liz Huston ( I discovered her work via tarot deck and the backstory behind both her and the deck blew me away. Her talent is luminous and I see new things every time I look at an image, even after many many views. And, of course, this wouldn’t be complete without a dose of Morphine; a band that’s spoken to me for decades. I urge you, in these precarious, uncertain times, to remember and surround yourself with things/people/activities that bring you joy. If the road is dark ahead, use these small flames to light your way through.

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