3 White Dogs

I don’t feel old enough to have lost three dogs in my lifetime; but here I am. Hailey went into surgery this morning and it was worst case scenario-riddled with cancer; everywhere. I think a part of me knew this would be the outcome; I just really, really, really hoped I was wrong. My first dog was a 60lb Samoyed named Sassy. Well….ok, actually her full name was Whitecrest Lady Sassafras. Ikr? My parents got her before I was born. Before don’t breed or buy while shelter pets die existed. I have a picture of us where her head is like twice the size of my entire being. She was awesome. Slept with me and tried to protect me. My father used to kick her if she got too close to the table while we were eating. Can someone please explain to me how this asshole has survived 2x cancer in 15 years but the universe sees fit to take my fucking dogs? Karma needs a new motherfucking GPS. Bitch is lost.

An ex used to say that dogs were simple creatures. They weren’t really capable of forming emotional attachments. Like the movie As Good As It Gets – s(he) who has the bacon treats is always the favorite person. But that doesn’t explain how Sassy would come and sit with me on the top step and put her head in my lap when I was a kid. When my parents were arguing in that scary way. Dogs sense feelings. They recognize kindness, anger, anxiety. 90% of dogs I’ve trained, the owner is the problem, not the dog. They take their cues from us. We transfer our emotional landscape unto them. Pro tip: if your large dog is 8, get an ultrasound annually. That’s the only way they can detect the most common killer-cancer-before it gets into late stage. If there was a modicum of justice in this world they would outlive us all.

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