Valentine and Basil Ann

It’s like a glitch in the fucking Matrix I swear. I adopted my first dog (as an adult) in 2009. She was a stray 1yr old white pit/pointer mix with brown spots the shelter had named Valentine due to the heart shaped spot on the top of her head. She had no idea how to be a dog. Was overbred and couldn’t walk on a leash to save her life. It took an entire summer taking her back and forth through the streets of Montgomery Village for her to master leash walking. But she was a quick study. Soon, I had her voice trained and she would ride with me on Animal Control calls, sometimes helping capture and calm other strays at large. She had a Bob Marley vibe-super chill and sweet. In 2017 she was diagnosed with cancer after the first vet “mistook” her symptoms for a stomach virus. She had surgery to have the mass in her stomach removed and lived another 3 months. I wanted to die when I lost her.

I started fostering in the summer of 2018. Cried bringing back Basil Ann, who I’d only had for a weekend visit. But figured if it was meant to be, somehow our paths would cross again. Not 48 hours later I received a frantic call from the Humane Society asking if I could take her back as she had been severely attacked and needed somewhere other than the shelter to recuperate. She turned into a foster fail three weeks later and I named her Hailey. She is a sassy little bitch, as my friend said, and has been with me for 3.5 years now. And today I get the news that she has a tumor, in the same place as Jazz. She goes for surgery Monday morning.

What are the chances of having two white, 60lb, 9yr old dogs with a tumor in exactly the same place? Where the first vet blows you off and you have to go to #2 demanding a closer look? This has to be one in a million. So the only question left is: what are the odds both tumors are malignant? As 60% from that area are? I have to believe that the odds are in Hailey’s favor. Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Fingers crossed and prayers sent…. These fur babies get so deeply into our hearts. So much love… And so much pain when we lose them. 💔♥️. Sending healing thoughts….


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