The Devil’s in the details.

This quote’s origin is usually misattributed to German architect Van Der Rohe. No one is quite certain where it came from; but my, my, my, is it not truth. Sometimes you have to look at life through a wide lens. It’s better to not get hung up on the minutia. It can be more difficult to move forward if you’re tangled in tiny nuances and the petty everyday disquietude we all experience. Zoom out. Take in the big picture. All of a sudden you’re able to view things to be grateful for; see “problems” as lessons or catalysts for new ideas. In principle.

But make no mistake; details matter. They can mean the difference between elation and disappointment. Those microscopic little preferences we all have that need to mesh together simultaneously in order for friendship, or anything else, to blossom, bloom and grow. Have you ever thought you’d met a new person with tons of specific similarities only to find out that they had diametrically opposed views on ideals you hold close to your heart? People have to connect on myriad layers and multiple levels in order to harmonize.

Sometimes even then you fall out of tune. But that just leaves more room for new music.

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