I think part of me thrives on difficulty. It feels more productive. These days, after work, dog time, working out and trying to write; by 9pm I’m exhausted. It’s freezing here. I truly forgot how bitingly cold the north is and I almost guarantee this will be my last winter above the Mason Dixon. Clearly I knew what I was doing turning down those oh so tempting positions in WY and ME. Florida is easy, but not gonna lie; the scorching sunny repetitiveness of every day was hella grating. I missed the leaves, trees, deer and seasons. If I can make it here 365 days, I’m definitely Floral City vicinity bound for 2023; as a homeowner for the second time.

I just feel like hibernating. Getting lost in goals that are solely mine. Spacing out the time to accomplish them with no thought to anything else; anyone else’s needs or desires. For so long I lived for other people; their happiness and comfort. It doesn’t work. And my life only seems to function well when I have a formulated, concrete plan with absolutely no distractions. I don’t intend to live like this forever (hello-fun-relaxation-adventure) but I think I’m ok with laying low and sticking to this until spring. Which is in 5 long ass months.

I’ll get to the rest of life when things thaw out.

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