Trail Dayz

So I bought a bike and even with the ongoing tendon issues, I’m using it. Started with 6 miles, then 11, 15 and today, 18. That was rough honestly and I probably shouldn’t have pushed myself so hard. But exercise, cardio specifically and biking exactly has been my way of coping with tough life shit.

In 2007 when Beth died and I quit smoking, the Needwood Trail in MD was my saving grace. Rain or shine I was on it daily, for 14-22 miles depending. Aside from my mom and friends, that trail is the only piece of MD I miss. Pinellas Trail isn’t as hilly, forested or lush but it has it’s charms.

I’m going to do a past life regression this afternoon. Delve into whatever samskara may be holding me back from being able to embrace and feel life the way I want to. I hope it helps cuz I don’t feel like myself lately. Dad has acute leukemia (I mean…when is cancer not acute?) and will be transferred to Tampa today. Not sure what treatment plan entails yet. My bestie got through surgery yesterday with flying colors. I’m hoping to get back on the tennis courts Friday-keep your fingers crossed.

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