Maine Event

I grew up in a tiny town in Maine. It was an amazing place to be a kid; all nature, big skies, wild animals, fresh food from the garden and lots and lots of snow. I lived there again (and learned to drive stick) in winter 2005. It was less charming as an adult, but I still appreciated the wild, unrestrained beauty. You can go to a lake and canoe to islands with no one stopping you to ask for permits. You can swim and explore and get lost in thick woods intersecting with forgotten logging trails. There are small, deserted local beaches at the end of narrow, forested paths, hidden like jewels. No crowds, no traffic; no local ordinances limiting recreation. You can really breathe up there.

I was on Zillow at 8pm which is weird in and of itself. I wasn’t hopeful, everything even remotely attractive locally is $500+ out of my price range. Then I saw an 8 month sublet in the artsy, funky, gay, dog friendly mecca down the street. For $100 more than I pay now. Fully furnished. On the water. 3 blocks to the beach. With a kayak launch. The Zestimate was $400 over their asking rental price. The owners were from Maine. A town less than an hour from where I grew up. What kind of serendipitous it’s a small freaking world luck is this?

I texted. I emailed. And I was in their living room the next evening. Contrary to popular belief, I can be hella charming 🙂 It’s a small, quiet oasis that dead ends at the water. Mostly snowbirds so it’s empty May-Jan. Everything’s included down to the silverware, and the kayak. I can walk to the beach, library, dog park and the best vegan food I’ve ever tasted. For only a little more than I’m paying now. It feels too good to be true.

It’s not quite mine yet. But they took it off the market after our meeting. We’re all blue, northern, dog loving progressives who crave water, peace and solitude. They don’t drive while they’re here, relying on bikes and kayaks to travel, even in their 70s. My biodad was the one that moved his family to Maine, chasing the dream of owning a store. Taking a newborn, his wife and parents to a remote rural town hundreds of miles from anything they’d known. I suppose I finally have something to thank him for; I’m 100% certain my familiarity with the 207 area code is the reason I may be calling this place my next home.

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