I’ve been kicking and punching and fighting against reality for over two decades. When I see injustice, unfairness, I want to do what I can to correct the universe. When I see people in pain or on the wrong course, I want to right them; pick them up, turn them around and place them gently upon the proper track. This has caused a lot of pain and strife in my life; and I’m just now understanding why. Bucking against the universe is, by definition, resistance. I’ve always held my fist raised high, anarchy A in bold black ink on my chest, ready to fight. If I had a mantra it would have been bring it the fuck on.

But there is a flow to everything. A universal energy humming just underneath what we can see with our naked eye. We are all made of this, all drops of water from the same vast ocean. So think about it-little water droplet me, fighting desperately against the current of the literal universe. Like swimming in a riptide during a hurricane. Of course I was weary, exhausted, cynical, disheartened, and just about ready to completely give up. You can’t fight against the sea. Giving up the myth of controlling anything other than yourself is imperative for any semblance of peace or happiness. That only took 3 decades to learn.

You can only master yourself. Which will take a lifetime. Don’t waste time trying to fix or alter the perception or lives of others. Even if you have pure motivation and your heart is in the right place, all you’re doing is taking away energy you could be spending on your own growth and expansion. You are your masterpiece. You are the purpose of this lifetime. Knowing and mastering yourself to the point where your energy can act as a beacon to others; that is the path to take if you want to play a part in changing the world and raising the vibration.

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