About two years ago I traveled 3 hours to go see my biodad. I had absolutely no desire to; but my partner at the time was in the same field as my affluent step mother; it seemed stupid not to utilize a professional resource. He lived about .3 miles to the ocean on Vero Beach, in a gated golf community. The house was beautiful, with a private screened pool, but, we like the one at the club better. They had just purchased a real oceanfront beach condo that they were renovating from the ground up. My step mother mentioned her appointments to view handmade tile for the dining room.

When we pulled into the garage after dinner out, my father asked us ‘you see all those fucking acorns?’ I hadn’t noticed. He warmed to the subject, going on angrily about how acorns, by the hundreds, keep falling onto his precious car. How he just simply can’t stand it. This man, who lives in a mansion, while building another one, who works part time as a consultant and goes on 20 vacations per year, stated the HOA had better do something about all the damn trees around here because these acorns are unacceptable. At the time I just thought: yep, he’s as much of a asshole as I remembered, no surprise there. I didn’t realize I had become my father’s daughter.

When I was at the beach this morning, there were ducks in the gulf; cute little ones. Seemed pretty unused to waves. They were frolicking in the surf. You didn’t need to understand them in order to hear omg man, this is so freakin’ cool! look, I can do a flip! The excitement and joy were palpable. I wasn’t the only one watching them with a huge smile on my face. Their bliss elevated the energy of the entire coastline.

What you focus on is up to you. It will dictate and determine your entire life. You can be surrounded by comfort and opulence but if you are wearing negativity glasses, you will only see acorns. Regardless of how blessed you are. If you consciously look for the good in the world, soon, that’s all you’ll be able to see. What we focus on, we take in, and become. It changes us, for better or worse. It’s never too late to adjust your gaze.

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