Weird Movies

My introduction to the song from this gif was thanks to Stanley Kubrick. There’s a bit in Clockwork Orange where Alex and his crew fatally(?) beat a homeless man while singing it. I’ll never understand how Kubrick was able to make Alex such a sympathetic character; perhaps I’m the weird one for viewing him in that light. Not usually an approved film for 12 year olds, but horror became my first love at an early age.

We started young. By 11, my friend S and I were renting the scariest looking VHS we could find every weekend. We were drawn to darkness in the way that only sheltered middle class kids can be. To cries of why can’t you girls just watch something normal? we kept pushing the envelope. It wasn’t about gore, or scares. I think we both knew that there were insidious, evil things in the world we had no idea about. I think we sought out that forbidden knowledge so we could be better prepared for encountering it in life.

As an adult my quest continued. Criterion Collection anyone? Nothing was too edgy or vile. I rented Salo from Netflix back when they sent you discs and was chomping at the bit to see A Serbian Film. The Eyes of My Mother is still on my list, with the french language Martyrs. Couldn’t stomach Irreversable, Anti-Christ or any version of I Spit on Your Grave; there’s a fine line between experimental horror and female exploitation films. If you can get through Snowtown or The Girl Next Door (with Elliot Page, based on the novel by genius horror OG Jack Ketchum) you’re a stronger person than I. Just about anything by Gasper Noe or Lars Von Trier will interest me enough to attempt. Here’s a few that will turn your brain inside out, if you’re into that sort of thing:

S and I never did find Last House on Dead End Street. The biggest hurdle, having strange taste in movies, is finding people to discuss them with. If anyone brings up one of these, they’re either psycho, or a total keeper.

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