When I hang out with girlfriends in their 20s, I’m consistently astounded by how amazing they are; intelligent, self aware, and just all around badass. Much cooler l than I was at that age. I spent about 4 hours with a young tattoo artist yesterday and my opinion stands: Gen Z women rock. They take no shit. They don’t need permission. No one needs to mansplain anything to them. And they have no problem letting society know how innately powerful they are.

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t evoke ever so slight twinges of if only I was that smart 20yrs ago I could have avoided so many…bad decisions? mistakes? shitty relationships? garmonbozia? E) all of the above. Follow that rabbit hole down and you twist yourself into a suffocating frenzy of what if’s and if only’s. Yet another way we avoid living in the present, instead beating ourselves up for past faults, flaws and blunders. This is where the everything happens for a reason and there are no mistakes just lessons training kicks in, somewhat convincing most days.

Insanity is repeating the same action while hoping for a different outcome. Your past can be as atrocious and fucked up as all get out, but the only way you’re not presently winning is if you haven’t learned from it.

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