You know the saying you can’t love another person unless you first love yourself? It isn’t true. But you can’t love anyone in a healthy way unless you do. The media wants you to believe everyone else is fluent in this love language of self; like you’re the only person this might not come naturally to. Self help book sales tell a different tale: every single person who’s ever lived has struggled with loving themselves. How do I know? I was a psych major so I got to pick a lot of brains. And I give zero fucks so I’ll talk about this shit on a Friday night.

Some of us were blessed with badass parents, ‘normal’ family members, routine and consistency; others, not so much. Sometimes we’re not given a solid foundation, or handed the right tools to thrive. Personally? I grew up in the 90s, where it was cool to hate everything, especially yourself. We smoked nihilism and snorted ennui, in flannel. Come to find out though, in today’s’ world, loving yourself is a revolutionary act.

I’m not saying anything new, except this: it’s easier than you think. There’s no trick or secret that everyone knows that you’ve not been privy to. It’s simply: do loving things for yourself. Prioritize your comfort and wellbeing. Have your own back. And if that’s still too hard, think of it as the ultimate fuck you to this modern capitalist society hell bent on making us feel less than for the sake of the almighty dollar.

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