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The Vow

I’ve been borderline obsessed with the NXVIM cult since I read Sarah Edmonton’s gripping memoir in 2019. A harrowing tale about a personal accountability group that was basically a front for one man’s sex cult, replete with a dozen’s deep harem and a MLM plan of sex trafficked women trafficking others. Most people who read […]


For as long as I can remember I’ve had two major reoccurring dreams; tidal waves and driving on vertical highways in the sky. Now the tidal waves are never quite that; more like if the ocean was 50 stories in the air and people were just swimming up there like it was normal. Those dreams […]

Shoot the Moon

There’s not much to say in the face of the last few days. I think we are all feeling shell shocked, frightened, disappointed and mentally exhausted from having a small handful of people in Washington make decisions that effect everyone. With no regard for democracy, majority, decency or equality. The rampaging, raging right continue to […]

No Fear

Today of all days, it’s easy to be terrified. As a woman, as a human, as anyone who is compassionate, intelligent and aware. But I’d like to focus more on hope. Because without it we have nothing. There are thousands of artists, poets, musicians, and writers who’ve inspired me during my myriad trips around the […]


I don’t think many people who know me IRL would be used to me describing myself as “lucky”. Privileged, passionate, depressive, outspoken, opinionated-yes. I’m not sure if I ever really believed in the concept of luck. People who are born with advantage have opportunities. People who work really really hard (like every single “illegal” immigrant […]